Château-d'Oex - Pays - d`Enhaut: Winter
Last changes: 09.04.2019 08:16

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Weather today
sunny / -1 °C
Weather tomorrow
cloudy / 1 °C
Weather day after tomorrow
cloudy / 2 °C
Road condition
Main condition: normal
Snow height
Fresh snow
Last snowfall

in place 10 cm 04.04.2019

Lifts (0 from 6 installations in service)

Château-d'Oex - Praz-Perron Praz-Perron - La Braye La Montagnette
Le Grin Bois - Chenau Baby-Lift
Operating hours of lifts 09:00 till 17:00
Remarks Fermé

Slopes (0 from 8 Slopes open)

Rérey Bois-Cheneau La Noire
La Braye-Praz-Perron La Crause-Bois-Chenau Les Mourriaux-Bois-Chenau
Traverse La Bleu
Slopecondition closed
snowcondition mainly: no info / particulate : no info
valley run Condition mainly: no Info / particulate : no Info
Valley run until : 1650 m.a.s.l.


Highland Park (La Braye) Jardin des Neiges Château-d'Oex
Slopecondition closed


Slopecondition closed
Requirements novice intermediate

Crosscountry skiing

Boucle des Granges-d'Oex Boucle des Granges-d'Oex Gérignoz-Rougemont
Gérignoz - Les Granges-d'Oex Gérignoz - Les Granges-d'Oex Praz Perron
Praz Perron Rougemont-Plan du Château Rougemont-Plan du Château
Altitude of cross country tracks 950 till 1150 m.a.s.l.
condition of cross country classic: closed
skating: closed

Hiking trails

Piste piétonne Boucle du château La Lécherette - Les Monts Chevreuils Piste piétonne Les Allamans
Piste piétonne La Manche 2 Piste piétonne Rougemont-Saanen La Manche (boucle)
Tour de la Laitemaire (boucle) Les Moulins-Monts Chevreuils Le Ramaclé (boucle)
Les Renardeaux (kids)
Winter hiking from m.a.s.l.: 1000
Condition closed

Gastronomy & Accomodation

La Braye La Cabane de la Sarouche
opened    in preparation    closed